Bullying-I take my stand against it

Hey, beauties you know the moment you become a parent you say that nobody will dare mess with your child, because then they’ll have to mess with you. As a parent myself that’s the first thing I worried about when I started sending my kids to school no matter their age. It can happen as young as pre-k/kindergarten. As a parent I worry about bullying and It is a problem and cause for concern .What is bullying you may ask? Bullying is a repeated, purposeful abuse of power, meant to cause harm to the other person. We know that bullying hurts and being a victim of any kind of bullying feels bad and you need to know two things: You’re NOT alone and It’s NOT your fault!

Let me break it down- Bullies might make fun of others for many things, including:

  • appearance (how someone looks)
  • behavior (how someone acts)
  • race or religion
  • social status (whether someone is popular or not)
  • like being gay, lesbian, or transgender

Bullying can come in different types:

  • Physical bullying
  • Verbal bullying
  • Psychological bullying
  • Cyber bullying

What Are the Effects of Bullying?

  • feel afraid, stressed, depressed, or anxious
  • have thoughts about suicide or hurting themselves
  • have trouble with their schoolwork
  • have problems with mood, energy, sleep, and appetite

What Kind of People Are Bullies?

Both guys and girls can be bullies. Bullies may be:

  • outgoing and aggressive. This kind of bully might make fun of you to your face or physically hurt you.
  • quiet and sneaky. This kind of bully might try to manipulate in secret. They might anonymously start a damaging rumor just to see what happens.
  • friendly and fake. This kind of bully might pretend to be your friend so that you tell them things, but then do hurtful things behind your back.

Bullying has no respect for person.

Regardless, many of us, as adults, have been in the presence of adult “bullies” who use those same tactics to get their way in the workplace, public places, and in the home.

There are so many ways we can teach and encourage our children and even us as adults on how we should react to bullies. We need to teach children the appropriate use of the internet, social media, and text. We need to have daily discussions with family members about their day, and share information on setting boundaries. Furthermore, we need to teach them the behavior we expect them to display, and how to treat others while showing them a role model of the same.

They are ways to help with bullies just walk away from a bully or ignore a bully. Tell someone always can talk to someone even if it’s a stranger who’s nearby. If it’s possible to sand you feel safe do not react or respond. That’s what the bully wants. When you walk away and don’t respond or show your upset or sadness that’s taking away the bully’s power. To throw off a bully and away I tell my kids is to scream very loudly and say leave me alone! The best thing to do is have a buddy system where you have a group of friends that you’re always around because a bully usually picks on one person. Be more confident, and brave that way you aren’t as vulnerable to a bully as an easy target. Most importantly speak to your family about any bullying or any problems you encounter in school.

Now if all else fails defend yourself and fight back. I might get a lot of backlash with this but in all honesty, I tell my kids to always stay firm and defend themselves in any bullying situation. If the school system taught me anything it’s corrupt and as a parent, I’m my child’s advocate. I as an adult is anti-bullying and will not stand for it or be quiet about it!

NO MATTER WHAT, you deserve to feel safe. Everyone has the right to live in a safe and violence-free atmosphere both at home, at school, and workplace.

Until next time,


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