You are not crazy-Break the stigma

Hey beauties, there is a serious problem out there that’s being disregarded as crazy or all in your head and isn’t being taken seriously. Mental health is so common yet doctors brush it off or automatically put a person to be self medicate without understanding the underlying issue. I’m one of those who suffer from mental health.

“It’s a disorder not a decision”

Let me start by saying good mental health begins with understanding and respect. Do you know we all suffer in our life with mental health, it’s just as important as physical health but I think mental awareness is more important because getting your mind in the right space will get your body prepared… We have this stigma where we focus on mental health as either being an illness or a disorder but it’s more than that. Mental health can be a very touchy, sensitive, and lonely subject, as it doesn’t exist especially when we reach out to friends and family who just blow it off. Then you find yourself going to the doctor, or therapist in return you either get medicated, told to deal with it, get over it, don’t believe it, or accept it or even want to try to understand it. Do you ever wonder why so many people who suffer, suffer in silence, or keep the hurt and pain to themselves? It’s because whenever the suffers say anything it’s a “complain” they don’t get the answers or help they are reaching for so they choose to stay isolated and publicly hide it very well, to pretend they are “fine”. It’s very dangerous to keep everything inside and not have a way out to get to a place where you can actually say you are fine. To be totally honest here mental health in the US is a total joke, that is why so many sufferers get untreated because it’s not taken seriously. It just takes that one person to listen to someone in need of talking to, it is so true when you help others it helps your state of mind.

“If you’re human in todays society I don’t know how you’re not suffering.”

Remember mental health doesn’t discriminate. A lot of people from different races face this issue at one time or another. Let’s keep talking about it to bring more awareness to it. So we can find more ways to help each other because each one can teach one.

Until next time,


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