Woman to woman let’s talk-Hidradenitis Suppurarativa Boils

Disclaimer: Content on this site is for reference purposes and is not a substitute for advice from licensed health- care professionals. You should not rely solely on this content, and my blog assumes no liability for inaccuracies. Always read labels and directions before using a product. Always do a patch test before going all in, every skin reacts differently. This is what works for me, may not be suitable for your skin type. Nothing I refer to or say I do is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. Always seek professional help from your doctor, gyno, or dermatologist.

Hey, beauties I think I’m going to start a let’s talk about topics that are not talked about and so many women suffer from, just a little warning this might be a little taboo to some, so if you are one of them please skip this post. You might be wondering what’s so taboo about this topic, well as you can tell from the title of the story I’m going to talk about boils in other terms HSB or Hidradenitis Suppurarativa Boils. Which mind you just recently figured what was going on with my body and not able to truly get answers or relief, and just feeling like I had poor hygiene(which wasn’t the case.) Let me point this out there us women our bodies go through it all I literally mean hell and back, which men don’t understand. There is nothing wrong with you so please don’t listen to anyone who calls you dirty or having poor hygienic, this is not because of that. Another huge huge point I need to put out there knows your body understand your body and don’t be afraid to go see a gyno or whomever you go to so you can figure out what is going on with your body. Having this condition really takes a toll on your mental health, so remember to not be hard on yourself and be kind to your mind.

“I have a condition called Hidradenitis Suppurarativa(aka HS) that causes me to have painful boils appear where ever skin rubs the skin. Its embarrassing, painful and it affects more than just my skin”.

Let me give you a short back story when I was in my teenage years was always teased because I was skinny and tall which people would call me olive oil(at that time I hated it but now looking back I should have embraced it.) I always had thin skinny legs no gap between my thighs-oh how I wish I can get them back. But as I got older and gained weight(thanks to childbirth) I understood what chaffing was. Wait let me say this I don’t have a lot of weight or gained too much weight, I’ve always been harder to gain weight but so easy to lose it thanks to my fast metabolism, but only in certain areas that I wish would stay. I’ve gained weight on my thigh area which had me saying yes because I hated my thigh gap but little did I know what was to come. It causes a lot of chafing and discomfort that I did not understand why it was happening. Over time I did notice what might cause it and really took the time to keep an eye on what might trigger flare-ups. At first, it was just the normal chafing nothing too painful. Then after a few years, I’ve been having flare-ups that caused me really irritated red rashes and boils that had me crying of pain and depressed not knowing what caused it. It was so bad that it was happening often than I’d like. I had to take control, but one huge problem growing up was shamed upon talking about things concerning a woman and you shouldn’t address it unless it is only necessary and to your doctor. So basically all my life I learned women issues on my own(my parents are old-fashioned as I say of how they were raised). So I saw my doctor who thought it was something but didn’t really know so she just gave me antibiotics which made it worsen because the root of the issue wasn’t an infection. Then I have prescribed all these creams that were steroid creams that did nothing but aggravate it more, which made my skin more prone to boils because it weakened my skin barrier. So I decided to switch doctors and this time the new doctor referred me to a gynecologist. After suffering for so long the new gynecologist diagnosed me with Hidradenitis Suppurarativa is a chronic skin condition featuring lumps and rashes that are red and irritated due to sweat glands, this happens when skin touches or keeps rubbing against other skin. When you suffer for so long with no answers and finally getting the answer to what you needed feels relieving.

Steps I take to preventing flare-ups or when I do have a flareup-

  • I prefer waxing those areas than shaving because it just gets all the hair out without razor bumps, ingrown, and constantly shaving because of how the hair grew faster from the shaving.
  • Furthermore, shaving causes more irritation. I can’t stress this enough DIET, HS is caused by inflammation and the number one cause is what you eat. I try to eat foods that don’t cause inflammation(inflammatory diet). Having rich zinc enriched food in your diet and taking a zinc supplement will help with flare-ups. I take zinc every morning after I eat breakfast.
  • Avoid sugar, I know easier said than done but if you are not able to stop consuming sugar you need to minimize sugar in your daily diet.
  • Keep that area cleaned and dry, use antibacterial soap and the one I constantly use even in my sensitive areas is Hibiclens Antiseptic Skin Cleanser it’s on the pricy side but it’s so worth it, I don’t use this for all over body wash and only use it for the areas where I’m prone to boils I do use Dr.Bronners castle soap for use as my body wash.
  • When I’m done with the shower I pat myself dry not rub very important, I then proceed to always use rubbing alcohol on a pad and gently pat on the areas that I get HS, even when there is no flare-up. I then proceed to moisture those areas with body oil as they absorb and dry faster and still keep the area soft.
  • I also use turmeric paste on the areas that have hyperpigmentation and scarring due to HS.
  • Every time I do use the bathroom, I use apple cider vinegar as a wash for my pubic area and not just wipe with toilet paper. I mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and equal parts water in those squeezy tubes that you can get from anywhere I had them from after postpartum when giving birth in the hospital( please don’t douche or put inside the vagina) they come in handy.
  • When I do have a flare-up I do use Neosporin on the infected area after showing and using alcohol which I then put a bandaid or gauze to cover to help it from any irritations.
  • Loose clothing and cotton underwear is a must because tight clothing only brings on the flareups. You need to have free-flowing circulation air to help with the boils.

All in all, this is what has helped me keep this from affecting my life, I’m taking control and doing everything I can to minimize the flareups from happening. I now don’t suffer as much if I do it’s hardly any flareups. Remember this can be short term or long term, there is no definite cure to it, most likely to come back but it’s manageable. You just need to find the right way to take action on changing a different lifestyle so you can take back your life.

Until next time,


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