How I see clean beauty now- An update

Hey beauties, just wanted to pop on here to write about how I feel and see clean beauty now since I switched a few years ago. First, off I don’t use the word clean as often because I see it as conscious beauty of which is more conscious of what I use on my self beauty and skincare wise. I recalled there’s a ton of people who are not about clean beauty(which is fine everyone is their own) what I don’t like it when others call it fear-mongering which I’m not a fan of. I take into reference how I approach products with clean beauty or how I see conscious beauty, meaning a cleaner alternative not necessarily signifying it has to be clean or nothing. When I first started my quest for “clean beauty” I went all in big error. I threw every traditional product I had instead of using them up first one by one and then replacing them. I assumed the path of the trend of what clean beauty was but it was not. I thought clean meant full-on clean ingredients and no chemicals whatsoever. It was depleting and yet difficult on my switch. I wasted so much money on products I could have avoided (clean beauty is a bit pricey). Then on top of all that I was dumbfounded by certain ingredients of some so-called clean beauty brands of how they aren’t as clean per se.

Clean beauty has shifted from a niche trend to a big label in the beauty industry

If there is one lesson I’ve understood in this switch was don’t let it make you become a certain way just because you see it a certain way and you think it’s that way(Confused much-yeah me too). What I’m trying to make apparent here is, preparing a switch to anything like clean beauty for the sake of this post doesn’t mean you have to follow exactly the way you see it because, to be candid, the trendy aspect is what calls it and I was not in it for marketing reason. Everyone’s persona occurs differently in why they went clean and in return periodically it can be scary. You have to implore yourself why are you making the switch and remember don’t give in to I have to fit in the state of mind. They are mean groups throughout so your always going to get a few people that will tell you you perform in a way they disprove because of the way you think of it-don’t let that dissuade you. What was one of the things that hindered me was the clean beauty community at first because it was so toxic, but that goes for any community you happen to become it’s all toxic where it be conventional or not? I figured out you can either let it eat you out and swallow you or you take control. I took discretion in how I choose to bring about my clean beauty journey and I’m so glad I did because it enlightened me a lot. I had a mentality that a chemical is bad, but not understanding or learning made me believe influencers who invented their own rules to clean beauty when really clean beauty is about making a more conscious approach. Not all chemicals are bad and not all-natural ingredients are natural and good for you. That’s when I took it in my own hands to understand what the ingredients are and how it affects the skin. I didn’t just go with one reference, I went from source to source, and to asking around to people who are more educated in this topic. After considering all the sources, especially scientific sources and studies than I take my decision and decided if I think that’s a conscious decision. I immediately decided to have knowledge of the product and ingredients and not believing what I hear and see online. I still use conventional and clean beauty products now because I do more investigation on my own before deciding on a product or brand. I’m not saying clean beauty is terrible or popular is neither but I’m merely making what I feel is right for my skin and my well-being.

Clean isn’t a phrase to exist because, in reality, no product in the beauty/skincare business is all the way perfect, even in the clean beauty industry. I didn’t give up on purchasing ‏consciously, I’m only taking the method of what ingredients I prefer to not use and so on. My final thought on this is everyone is going to have an opinion and say what’s right and wrong. I take everything I hear from all sources and take it with a grain of salt and determine how it makes me perceive.

Until next time


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