Products that I won’t Promote on my blog

Hey beauties, one thing I learned over the years of social media and blogging is you can be starting off small and they will be brands who come to you asking to promote their products that sometimes aren’t even relevant to your niche. These brands are what I like to call wannabes or fake advertisements for products that don’t work. These brands come to small audience bloggers, influencers thinking that they can get you to promote what they sell and tell you what to say because it is a free item in return. Guess what from past experience on dealing with these kinds of made-up brands/products I just don’t even bother to reply they go straight to the junk folder. I only will consider authentic brands and products I’d use for myself or is relevant to my blog. And just because you are in the higher end of branding, I’m not going to let anyone tell me how my review goes rather it be positive or negative. Don’t get me wrong I feel great supporting small business brands, or indie brands but as a small blogger myself I need to stick with authentic writing. Wondering what I’m talking about, well-read further to find out what they are and why I refuse to review them.

You know those brands that you see everywhere on social media, YouTube, etc. that sell products that aren’t efficient, but you see celebrities, influencers, and YouTubers endorse them because there being paid to promote them. When simply putting it, they don’t even use the products, and they all say the same thing to promote them. You thought MLM were scams, let’s just say these brands scam a whole different approach that’s ruining authenticity as a whole.

Contrary to what people might believe, Bloggers do have standards just like any other person-just to put it out there for future reference. They are some products/brands I will walk away from because I’d probably never feature on my blog, no matter how much more my blog grows in the future. I feel like brands nowadays are becoming questionable because of how they think people of certain groups are easy targets. I hate brands that don’t do their research. I feel like they’re getting over their heads thinking just because your an influencer, or blogger, and just because they have the money, or just because they think they meet your requirement rate that your just supposed to automatically agree, and it’s like no.

List of Products I will not Endorse on my blog:

  1. At-home whitening kits– Brush your teeth, use toothpaste that can help with whitening your teeth, or see your dentist get your teeth whitened professionally. I don’t know if it’s just me but even back in the day when white strips came out, I never bought them to try cause I was just paranoid like that. They are also certain drinks and food that can make your teeth yellow that you cant cut down on or stop using. Teeth whitening at-home kits are dangerous you don’t really know who made it, what the ingredients are, and how it can worsen your teeth. To me, it’s just very questionable…
  2. At-home aligners– Speaking of teeth this gets me so irritable because coming from someone who had braces for 3 years to get a perfect smile and paying for it myself I find this so wrong in so many ways! Please don’t try this at home go to your orthodontist for braces or Invisalign, not only safer but your teeth will thank you. So many issues wrong with this and in return your teeth will fall off and rot seriously people don’t be gullible.
  3. Diet Tea– Ugh a big no-no in promoting, I refuse to review any detox teas, most of which are mixed with laxatives that aren’t healthy for you in the long run. They can affect your liver, kidney, and colon. People be smart to do your research into anything you decide to consume. If you aren’t flushed, go talk to your doctor there is an underlying reason why and no matter how much detox tea you drink you will not lose 10, 15, 20 pounds without exercise period. Eat better, exercise, take charge of your health to feel better from the inside.
  4. Coffee Scrub– Did you know they are not the best way to exfoliate skin? It’s all a gimmick, it’s basically coffee ground, mixed with other ingredients( you don’t really know what is truly in them) when if you truly want a coffee scrub let’s say you can make it at home without buying it. These physical scrubs tear the skin that can damage it and leave marks and scars instead of doing good. Use chemical exfoliants instead.
  5. Activated Charcoal Toothpaste– Another trend that needs to go away, charcoal toothpaste sounds crazy to me, it doesn’t work. It’s very abrasive. That means it can damage tooth enamel, and when tooth enamel is one it’s gone forever. Activated charcoal is good for other things but not toothpaste unless you want your teeth to rot.

Everyone is to their own, my blog is how I choose to run it and I choose to stay true authentic self especially when writing to an audience. We as bloggers need to be as honest as can be to ensure whoever reads a blog post-process it the way they feel is right for them by what they read. Keep your identity yours no matter how big your pocket gets, or no matter how known you are mentioned.

Until next time,


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