Why I don’t participate in holidays and birthdays

Hey beauties, Happy Thanksgiving! Before anyone comes for me about the title of this post, I just need to clarify something off the bat, just because I don’t adventure out on holidays doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge it. Holidays are either something you celebrate because they have meaning for you, are personal in some way, or because they give you time off from school or work. A lot of people love the holidays but I am not one of those people. I don’t have to care, because I don’t interfere with other people who do care. For mostly everyone, this holiday season especially can’t come soon enough for them(you would think this year would be different in some sense of detoxing away from celebrating it). I for one am content like every year for years of not even blinking an eye on the holiday season. You may say to yourself I’m more of a grinch because I hate the holidays, well your wrong I didn’t say I hate the holidays(I actually like the spirit of the holidays) I just don’t go crazy for it when the holidays do roll around every year. Talking about myself only here I actually love not celebrating holidays, or birthdays because it just gives that much freedom rather than obligate to how holidays are portrayed. Everyone has the freedom to choose through his morals whether they celebrate birthdays or ignore holidays.

If I’m being quite frank here I’ve always been non-traditional in almost everything I do. When I am asked what I’m doing for the holidays, let’s take Thanksgiving for an example I tell them nothing and they are literally dumbfounded. Why are we going to be just thankful for people in our lives, or things in our lives more on Thanksgiving when I’m thankful all year round for my friends and family. I don’t need to be decorating my house for every holiday, or birthdays that will eventually go in the trash or pile as junk. We shouldn’t just make a special feast on holidays, or just have family gatherings on special occasions, or buy gifts on holidays or birthdays, don’t you see it-it’s all commercialism. I save so much money and time to actually care about what truly matters in life.

If I see or think of a gift I would like to give to a loved one, I simply do so—I don’t have to wait for a special day to do that. It’s not about giving a gift to someone you love, instead tell them and show them you love them every day. If I miss my family that I truly love and care for I’m going to go and see them, and if they live in another state I’m either going to keep in touch with them over the phone or video calls or take a trip to see them. I’m not going to wait for the holidays to spend time with people I can’t stand or people who don’t get along just to fake a smile and pretend I like them.

The next question I’ll probably get is what about my kids-well guess what don’t feel bad for them they grew up raised this way. Now they don’t care for holidays and when they were in school I didn’t force them out of holiday participation, or holiday events. They decided if they wanted to, and I reminded them it was just for the school and not for our home. I’ve never really celebrated their birthdays, I do say happy birthday and I’ll make a cake, but to have decoration, singing, party, or birthday gifts that don’t happen. I don’t deprive them of their childhood and fun, it’s the complete opposite I allow them to be kids but by showing them they don’t need the holidays and gifts to be happy. If they needed something I’d buy it upfront than and there without waiting for a special occasion or birthday. My children learned that you can have fun without needing gifts and stuff all the time, it makes them appreciate the simple things in life. They have everything they ever want.

Where I’m trying to get around this post is please be kind, compassionate, and thoughtful ALL year long.

Until next time,


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