Shame shame shame-part1

Hey beauties, you might be wondering from the title what is this post exactly about. This post has been in my draft for a while now, as I do not want to trigger anyone by what is said. This is a very important topic to address, which isn’t spoken about and is shamed upon literally speaking. What I’m referring to is body shaming someone whether it be a female or male. Whether it be about how much weight you put on(don’t like using the word fat, or heavy, or big) or how little weight you have( don’t like using the word skinny, or anorexic, or thin). In this day in society, there is an image that is being portrayed which is dangerous. Which image may that be, body image… Let’s start off by saying everyone’s body is different, they come in all different shapes and sizes which are all beautiful. Why do we care so much about how others look at us.

I have to be honest with you all, also to myself, I’ve always judged my appearance on how I saw it being portrayed on tv, magazines, and ads. There is this stigma on how a woman’s body image should be. There is always a new body trend that woman should have, and if your not in the trend you aren’t a woman who will be accepted in society. Society is teaching us to be a certain size in order to be appreciated by people who really don’t appreciate the real meaning of real care of their bodies. If I’m being totally honest here I still look at myself and point out everything I think is wrong and why I am not like other women with perfect body image. I am utterly putting myself in a dangerous situation and comparing myself to women who look perfect but really are just hiding their insecurities. Let’s face it a perfect body doesn’t exist and no matter how much you try to perfect your flaws from the outside, the inside is not content. As much as I know when I see actresses, models, and people on the internet with perfect body shapes aren’t really perfect as it seems, I still put myself down sometimes on how my body is shaped, and all the imperfections I have on my body. In this society, especially social media that promotes unrealistic body ideals, it is demanding·to not get caught up in comparing yourself to these unrealistic standards. As a result, many human beings will experience depression, anxiety, anger, and even self-loathing because there to focus on how to have that perfect image. As women in this day of an era, we are being promoted unrealistic body ideals, it is hard not to compare ourselves to these unrealistic standards, if you think about it we have this thought in our head where we wish we fit in with society’s standards. Everyone needs to stop with this body negativity and stick with body positivity. At the end of the day I’m not you, you’re not me, I’m not her, and she is not me.

Did we all forget there was a time how having a skinny figure was considered perfect, or how that shifted to a curvy figure is perfect because there’s this saying” real women have curves”… These perfect standards are always changing, makes you wonder what perfect really is, oh wait perfect doesn’t exist. Ladies we have to remember that our bodies are all built differently and no exercise or diet will get you what you see another woman get in results, that’s all by how our bone structure is. Let’s get ourselves healthy, as soon as that falls into place we will be comfortable in our bodies.

Real Women don’t make fun of other women’s body types to make themselves feel better.

Where I’m trying to get with this post is to love yourself, and is to love your body you have that way whoever comes along you will not need their approval on how you should look.

Until next time,


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