The simplicity of living- Minimalism

Hey beauties, I truly hope everyone is staying safe in the second wave of the pandemic, crazy how this year has made an in-imaginable u-turn that came out of nowhere. What better time to declutter than while quarantined, and figure out the simple things in life for what truly matters.

“Minimalism is not about deprivation, it’s just having what you need and use no more.”

I’ve always hated clutter but, I always bought stuff that of which I either didn’t need or I didn’t use more times than I should of. You can say I was one of those people who would buy either because I was bored, or depressed, or I needed it because of a trend. At that moment of the rush, it always bought me happiness that went away as fast as I purchased. Let me break this down for you, obsessiveness can happen with anything, which in return causes hoarding, and then the end result is more than you can bite. I don’t want to end up being that person who messed up her enjoyment in life because of physical things. You know how many times I’ve told myself today is the day where I declutter my way out of spending money I don’t need to spend, and accumulating junk I don’t need. I usually start it but never end up finishing it(story of my life.) Simple is calling my name, and I’m going to listen this time.

The simple life always interested me, and in return lead me to learn about minimalism. I have to be honest I don’t really describe it as minimalism, instead I like to use the term conscious living. Minimalism for me is about being happy and content with what I’m being mindful of. We are a nation of consumerism, we don’t realize all the things we consume and pile up until it clutters our lives with what is called junk. I eventually realized that what I actually wanted was to be willful about what I owned. I also want to be able to easily give up things that took up space and weren’t necessary for my happiness.

To me, “minimal” brings to mind “simple”, “uncluttered”, and just enough to be comfortable without materialism and too much stuff. NO numbers, no comparison to anyone else.

I’m not coming into this as a “trend” or a “movement” because when something because a trend its no longer free, but feels more like imprisonment that is set with rules and obligations. I use minimalism as a tool, let’s face it minimalism looks different for everyone and that is ok. When we are part of a group at first it’s exciting and comforting but in the end, it makes you less alert. My mindset is to value what I have, to opt for quality instead of quantity, and repair instead of throwing. It’s just about finding a healthy balance.

My husband (thanks to his sometimes great philosophy) spend on quality food, on experience, on traveling, and knowledge. Don’t waste your time and hard-earned money on too many things as they get lost, break, tear, etc. So take it with a grain of salt, and stop worrying about how others view your lifestyle. I’m going to start off slow as I know this will be a long and uncomfortable journey especially with having children which I won’t be that mom which will deprive them of their childhood happiness because of some trend I want to be a part of. I’m going to take it as I go, day by day, and room by room. I have to remind myself to not rush into it and to finish what I started.

“Declutter mentally and the physical part will follow.”

Until next time,


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