Influenced Under a Trend

Disclaimer: I might get a lot of criticism for writing what I am about to write, but I have to stay true to who I am as a person and not be afraid of saying MY opinion. This post is not to attack or humiliate any influencer, this is an interest of topic I’d like to speak of. Nothing is wrong with being an influencer, if that is how you get by well than be it.

Hey beauties, I’ll be the first to admit I use to be part of the influencing trend. Can anyone say naïve much-how I’d put it, to say the least? When I first got into Instagram I fell into the influencing trend of influencers. I was amongst the many people who wanted an influencer lifestyle. Little did I know it was not as glam as it looked… I copied what other influencers were doing. I wasn’t truthful to myself nor to my followers, did and said anything just to get free stuff sent from any brand. I was blindsided and didn’t want to see clearly. I was turning into someone I wasn’t. My mental state was influencers get the rich fast scheme. Then I became jealous of others and put so much pressure on myself for numbers. Like so many other ladies out there who didn’t really know any better about the so-called influencers, I put my trust in them. To have “authenticity” in who they were or what was being talked about. Yes, not all influencers are unauthentic but let’s be real here nowadays influencer is all about consumerism. Is it just me who is getting tired of the term influencer?!

“Ordinary people watched and commented on other ordinary people.”

Let’s take it back a little social media first came into effect was all about having fun with it. It wasn’t about taking to the extreme like it is now. I honestly did enjoy social media when it first started because it was a caring community where I’ve meet genuine people. Now, instead of referring to people as person (human being), everyone is called influencers. In this day in age, I always wonder why we are making titles for people on social media just by the numbers they have or the followers they make. Every job indeed has a title that we title it as such. To be truthfully honest, anyone in social media can be what is called an Influencer it’s a matter of how you use the term influencer.

When we think of the term influencer, our brains go straight to social media- right? But Influencer can mean so many types of meaning. Let’s see what the definition it is.



  1. a person or thing that influences another.


2 . a person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media.

Influencers in social media are people who have built somewhat of an idea for what they think they know on a specific topic. Remember the audience on social media is not experts. We all know brands love social media influencers because they can makeup trends and pretend to use a product to show their followers. By promoting a brand’s product to sell the followers they buy. How can people trust someone’s taste and recommendations when they’re usually being paid to promote particular products?

My point of where I’m getting at is at the beginning of Social media platforms was a place to be yourself. An ordinary person like me or you can tell their story which came from the heart. Social media were all about learning, in which followers stayed true to themselves. People like you and I use to watch and comment on other ordinary people. It was simple yet honest. Fast forward to now, it’s just a big pile of mess that is never-ending. Unscripted posts are assumed as scripted. When really it is a genuine post where it doesn’t propose to sell anything, where did the just to post about something because I want to post about it go…? That was one of the main reasons why I let go of Social Media and honestly have not looked back or wondered what-ifs.

You may be reading this and saying but aren’t you like an influencer by yourself because you are a blogger. If I hear one more person tell me that I will pull my hair. To answer anyone’s question to this question-NO. I am just a blogger who writes my thoughts and experience. Not to influence anyone to buy a product nor speak of anything in content that I wouldn’t write to myself. I want to have an impact on other people in the right way. I didn’t make my blog to have readers take what they read to the head. My blog is something I started to keep as a journal. I don’t want anyone to feel like they have to go and try a product I thought was great, dislike a product I didn’t like. I don’t want anyone to take something that I tried and worked for me for that reader to have to try it. I hope that made sense. I left the social media platform because of the influencer trend that seems to be taking over. You have to be the type to talk a certain way. It’s not being genuine or being authentic anymore. I don’t just want to be known as the blogger who just does endorsements for brands to get free stuff or because she is being paid for it, and have to pretend I love everything just to stay in it game. I don’t want to be a famous blogger. If I’m going, to be honest here, I don’t want to follow the blogging trend. Do you know why I just want to be “normal” that’s so hard to comprehend nowadays…

“Everyone wants their hobby to be their job.”

But honestly, my blog isn’t one I plan to make it as “a job” it’s not a hobby either. I am not looking for my blog to be a job. I just want to be relatable as if you were talking to your friend or reading someone’s journal. I won’t write a blog post just for the heck of it, will try to talk about things that are more relatable to others. For me, it doesn’t matter how many visitors I will get. Just looking to make a difference if it’s even in one person’s life. I rather have one person come to my blog to really have taken the time to read than to have so many visits from people that are just for views or likes. A blog is supposed to be a place where someone can come to read. Read about the information there either looking for or just wondering about. My blog is a process that I plan to take my time in processing how it will be handled. To grow, you need to allow its roots to sprout and be their own.

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Influenced Under a Trend

  1. This is an interesting read on the flip side of the industry. But yeah, being genuine does wonders for the conscience, and I’m looking forward to what else you have in store for your blog. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This industry even in the real world makes you wonder what someone’s thought processes is like when trying to be themselves. In a world where you have to go with what is told. A conscious mind is a better way of the thought process. Thank you for stopping by!


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