Anti haul: Black Friday

Hey beauties, Happy Thanksgiving hope you had a terrific thanksgiving with family and friends. So here’s the deal let’s talk Black Friday, I haven’t shopped black Friday in a couple of years as crazy as that sounds. Do I miss it? Not at all. I don’t actually need anything this Black Friday, or any Black Friday, I ‘ll pass.

It’s not surprising many people are skipping Black Friday nowadays because it’s just isn’t worth it, especially when you drive to certain stores you are not able to find a parking space, going to as far as elbowing your way through crowds of people and knocking them down, waiting in long lines and after all that you come back home with bags of merchandise you didn’t truly want. I might ruin the party here but I have to tell you that you don’t need to go Black Friday shopping.

Listen beauties the holidays are about family, friends, happiness, and health, not Black Friday. In this time in age we live in an overly-consumerist society especially during the holiday season. What happened to sitting down and appreciating our Thanksgiving dinner without rushing into strategies on how to make it to all the stores for every deal.

Truth be told, the Black Friday deals aren’t actually that good. 

Black Friday now is more like Black Thursday, where instead of stores closing on that day and workers have a day off to spend time with the people they love, they have to work. Why are we allowing this nonsense on a day where we are the most thankful? Don’t you think that’s unfair, I sure do. People do not display the manners we typically enjoy about the holiday season, such as generosity, joy, peace, and gratitude. Instead, it’s all about surviving to the fittest, and it’s like people lose there humanity on that day.

The fact, that the majority of us have way more than what they need and are fighting to get rid of it just proves we are over this materialism life. Trust me, it’s easier to be content when you avoid magazines, newspaper ads and avoiding commercials on the television.

We wait in line and push past others for sale items one day after giving thanks for everything we already have.

For this day where everyone is out there not in there right mind not thinking straight, I’m home with my children cooking them breakfast, and spending the morning cozy and warm in our home having quality time. I’m going to spend the day relaxing not stressing about overspending, and how I’m not going to pay for the junk I won’t get any use of, that and instead think about my financial freedom.

I’m about a simple life and less-is-more living

For myself, I much prefer experiences over stuff. I look at my life in new ways now and realize the things that brought me joy were not, in fact, joyous. I’ve been spending my Thanksgiving celebrating the intention of the holiday, by thankfulness of being alive, having a roof over my head, and my family. I have one less stress in my life of not acquiring Black Friday. I make more memories with my children, have more date nights with my husband, and bond more with my parents.

Are you a Black Friday shopper? What are you doing today on Black Friday? Comment down below.

Until next time,


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