On the road to a minimalist lifestyle

Hey beauties, becoming a minimalist was always something that I’ve told myself year after year as my New Years’ resolution but it’s not as easy as changing your diet, or ditching toxic beauty. So far I realized that I’m not going to jump into this too quickly without reading up, watching some videos, and understanding what I want in how I live a minimal life with my husband and my children. I know it’s not going to be easy but I know that the finish outcome will be worth it.

So why now you might ask? Well I’ve always considered becoming a minimalist, which I have been decluttering for the past few years but every time I feel like I’m going far on my journey I take two steps back. Transitioning to minimalism feels overwhelming, and makes me feel like perhaps it’s not for me which gets me to delay it all. However, that’s all going to improve, because I want to do more with my time and life. Before that happens I have to stop telling myself all the ridiculous lies, because I can easily forget how out of control I am, with my finance, junk, and all-around space. I can be delusional about my materialistic habit, to say the least. But I am going to stay truthful and on top of my game.

I don’t want to accumulate junk and things I don’t need, and want to free up space. Truthfully speaking I’m hoping to have financial freedom of being able to resist spending on materialistic commodities.

I want simplicity back in my life. I’m happy to report that I’ve straightened up the emotional junk in my life so that is something no longer making me more stressed. Another big thing in this minimal lifestyle is it’s not just the physical junk but also the digital junk as well. Think it about it if our computer/laptop, and the phone is full of storage that’s going to make you purchase more storage, or a better device on top of what you had or was using.

I find myself spending all of my extra time and money trying to organize my things. I need less things. It’s that simple. It took me a long while to embrace that fact, but now I’m going to really start embracing it.

So what’s Minimalist Living? That is a question where they’re really is no definite answer to this because A minimal life can be different for each person. It really depends on how you approach minimalism. For instance I learned some it means living with only the necessary items. Some It’s just letting go of things you do not need. Some think that minimalism is getting rid of absolutely everything that doesn’t fulfill a purpose. I’m not that kind of minimalist. I can’t get rid of everything but I can keep it to a minimal. I believe minimalism is about finding that balance. You have decided how you live a minimalist lifestyle. I will surely update you all on my journey of minimalism.

Have you concerned minimalism? What are your thoughts on living a minimalist lifestyle? Leave a comment down below.

Until next time,


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