Tatcha’s Silk Canvas Primer- Review

Hey beauties, this product was one that I never really thought of reviewing but than my husband surprised me with this almost a year ago when I first started to switch to clean. It is not the cleanest ingredients, and I don’t consider it clean but I’ve used it so let me tell you my thoughts. Bless my husband’s heart he really tries but he wasted so much money on not just this product but two other tatcha products (reviews coming soon).

I never understood the use of a primer before your foundation, I do know what it’s meant for, and why people use it but the way it seems it’s like putting on glue so the foundation can stick. To be honest, the primer shouldn’t be compared to glue, when most primers do nothing well at least for me they don’t make a difference. I say make sure you have your skincare on and everything else will go into place. Another reason why I’m not a fan of primers is you can’t just slap it on and use it with any foundation, no you have to make sure your primer and foundation base is the same(ex. Water base primer with water base foundation, and silicone primer with silicone base foundation). That is why primers are never on my radar to buy.

When tatcha came out with the silk canvas everyone jumped on it, and became so hyped up. I as a consumer thought to myself this has to be overhyped and I didn’t care for it, and wasn’t going to purchase it especially when it came down to how expensive it was. But it didn’t die down as fast and people were still raving about, which made me curious I’m not going to lie. One day my husband saw me on the computer reading about the product and thought it was considered clean and I really wanted it, have to stop doing things in front of my husband when reading ingredients because he loves to surprise me and clean beauty can be tricky. Didn’t think any of it, but one day he comes home so giddy and said I have something for you and behold it was not only this silk canvas by two other tatcha products. So I took them because I thought they were considered nontoxic and had good for you ingredients, hence saw some clean beauty accounts using it so I went with it. Just be clear this isn’t considered clean beauty.

The unique thing that is distinct from the rest of the other primers It’s created with a geisha’s makeup routine in mind as geisha’s use a wax called Bintsuke to create a smooth, poreless canvas for there makeup.

Most of us are not applying full geisha makeup daily though, but some do apply a full beat of makeup including a full coverage foundation. Let’s start off with the packaging, I think it is elegant in its simplicity’s purple round jar, it also comes with a purple coin disk, and the fact that it can be recycled. The product itself does blur, primes, shines and protects. When using this product, I highly suggest that you use the round disk applicator that is given to you. A little goes along way trust me, don’t just go in a smatter yourself with this as tempting as that seems. There is a line on the disk to help with not overdoing, it takes time but you eventually, get it. I apply the silk canvas on my t-zone, and under my eyes. One thing I did really like is I can use any skincare products and foundation whether it is a silicone-based, oil-based, or water-based and it wouldn’t affect the overall performance of how well it all looked and wore at the finished project. It didn’t irritate my sensitive skin or break me out which honesty I was afraid of. And it did help my makeup stay on all day even around my nose area.

I think this splurge and hype it got is worth it, you get a lot product and it’s true to its description. What are your thoughts? Have you took the plunge to splurge on this luxury product?

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