Why I’m saying goodbye to Instagram

Hey beauties, I’m finally breaking up with instagram. Which means I’m done trying to work things out with instagram and it feels great actually. I’ve broken up with Facebook long time ago and never looked back so instagram it was fun in the beginning but you became to complicated. It felt like I was the only one working , and trying in this relationship and every time I tried to leave I always tried to give you another shot. But this time is different I’m taking back my life.

Let me explain my reasons for saying goodbye to Instagram for good.

Let’s take it back to my first encounter with Instagram, when it was so simple, easy, and fun. Then over time, it became harder, difficult and boring. In the beginning, when I first entered Instagram it was a social media app that was simple to use by posting your pictures. I gained followers easily, which made me gain a few goods friendship, I was able to get countless likes and had authentic comments. I had the enjoyment of posting, following, and connecting in many posts. I grew my following quite a bit without any problems. Than it changed a little, which came to a place where I hardly recognized my followers, I wasn’t receiving the usual appreciations. So I needed to monitor a little bit harder by posting every day, and giving a boost to my image quality.

Then I came to be obsessed to a community of the so-called Instagram, where my phone is constantly glued to my hand. Occasionally not even knowing browse social media every day a couple of times a day. I was obsessing over my follower count, and how many likes I was getting. I was looking way too much by opening-up Instagram to look at how I can be better than that individual on Instagram. I realized how much of an obsession the online world of social media was putting me in a path where I was jealous of and wished the life of society they had played on online. When I see the places people post about the travels they visit I wish I was traveling and watching the life there are showing and wondering why I don’t live that life. And I wonder why I’m dissatisfied.

We make it seem like it’s glamorous and perfect because what we choose to share is of what truly our offline looks like.

Too many PR, #ads, and sponsored posts on Instagram which was quickly becoming the trigger for consumerism which I’ve been avoiding. Most of my Instagram feed was filled with posts from influencers promoting the latest beauty/skincare releases or clothing. All that may come across fine for a bit but to see it all day on my feed doesn’t interest me to be interested at all. The reviews for merchandise that they seem to like we’re unauthentic reviews only to be on the good side of brands or being paid to tell what they really don’t suggest. Most of what you see on Instagram is a lie.

People tend to not admit that they are mentally suffering due to social media.

I have to confess that my anxiety levels we’re elevated, I became more depressed because of the stress that social media had on me… It took a huge toll on my mental health and right then and there I knew what to do. The solution was straightforward for me, I held my phone and deleted the app and never looked back! I turned my focus to my real life and took the time to enjoy all the small things in life that make me happy like this blog.

I’m done with Instagram and social media, in other words, what about you? Have you considered saying buy to Instagram? Why or why not? I’d love to hear your comments.

Until next time,


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