Green beauty Vs Clean beauty what do they mean to me

Disclaimer: This is what clean/green beauty stands for me, I’m not speaking for others who think differently on their opinions of clean beauty. All opionions are my own thoughts, everyone has there own standards on what they want in there products.

Hey, beauties, how time flys we are already in the month of November it felt like Halloween was just yesterday. Anyway I just wanted to chat a little with you all about something that always had me a little bit confused when I made the switch to clean, green, non-toxic beauty. I hope this can help anyone who is looking into making the switch.

When I first started out in the journey a year ago, I went into this headfirst and switched over without thinking. I don’t regret switching at all and I think I made the best decision to step away from toxic products. But I wish I read more into it and understood more, that’s just me-I do before I think…

So You might ask what is the difference between green beauty and clean beauty? What does Green vs clean mean to me?

Before I start, let me get this out the way first, you don’t have to be a chemist, biologist, or dermatologist to care or have knowledge about the ingredients in your beauty products. We are in a time where so many of us are more concerned about there health and environment, that more and more people who read ingredients label in their beauty/skincare products just like there food that they buy. Did you know that the FDA doesn’t have to approve beauty and skin care products before they hit store shelves? It’s true, but before you panic, it doesn’t mean they’ll have harmful effects. But as consumers, we should more informative of what we use everyday.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to do your own research and learn about ingredients. Beware of Greenwashing… Greenwashing is when companies use claims such as “natural” when really they are using ingredients that can be harmful and are in fact NOT natural. Please stay away from companies/brands that are drinking you into buying their products saying it’s natural.

Specifying the “cleanest” makeup products or “safest” cosmetic brands on the market isn’t all that simple. 

Clean beauty means that ingredients label must contain only safe, non-toxic ingredients, rather it is natural or synthetic. It must not have toxic ingredients and not be harmful to my health. Let’s get one thing straight clean beauty isn’t making assumptions that it’s perfect because you can have a synthetic ingredient be clean as long it’s safe and non-toxic. When I think of clean beauty I think of it being simple, and transparent. I want to see easy to read, simple, non-toxic ingredient list that is not hiding behind big names or masking certain ingredients. Clean beauty to me is a brand that makes an effort to list all of their ingredients and label accordingly because to me that’s a clean beauty brand that’s on the right track. I need to make sure what is truly in my product by disclosing ingredient list properly and when I email a company about a question of an ingredient I need a honest response. Clean beauty is uncomplicated, and shouldn’t have toxins in even if it’s as simple as a preservative, or essential oils, I need to understand or I won’t bother to trust a company and it’ll make me assume in my mind hmmm what is the reason for them being shady with there ingredients…

Clean beauty doesn’t contain mystery ingredients or even the slightest bit of toxic chemicals and clean beauty certainly doesn’t claim to be something that it’s not.

Now, that I told you what I think clean beauty means to me I’m going to tell you what green beauty means to me.

To me Green Beauty means , Plant-derived, Vegan, Cruelty-free, Echo-Friendly, and Sustainably sourced plus clean ingredients. While these criteria of green beauty make it green, I can’t forget the ingredients because think about it a green beauty product can exhibit all of these characteristics and not be clean if it contains toxic ingredients. So when I look for green beauty I include clean beauty along with it.

Vice versa, a clean beauty product can have safe ingredients, but they may be conventionally sourced or contain animal products (i.e honey, beeswax, ) In this instance the product is still clean since it’s non-toxic, but it’s not considered green.

Bottom line is you the consumer have the responsibility to pay attention to what’s in your products. I know it’s a lot to take in but first learn about the ingredients in your products that you are already using by educating yourself before stepping into the world of clean beauty. Trust me it’s worth it! And yes you can have the best of both worlds clean and green. I’m cheering on the sideline for you, you can make the switch!

What are your thoughts in the clean beauty movement? Have you made the switch or thinking of making the switch to the nontoxic beauty world? I’d love to chat and hear your ideas.

Until next time,


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