Just Blend It

Lisa Gibson created BlendIT Beauty Brush after years of working in the Hollywood studios as a celebrity professional makeup artist.

Hi beauties, I would love to introduce you to Blend It Beauty Brushes, you’re probably thinking to yourself what’s so special about these brushes? I will tell you why I’m so hyped about this brand of brushes! I too was like you when I saw these brushes on Instagram from an account that I was following. I wondered why she was making a big deal about them. I was very curious to find out, so I decided to follow Blend it beauty brush on Instagram. And from there it all happened where I took an investment in this product. It was the best decision I made!

The Brushes are said to, give everyone a flawless application and gorgeous makeup looks, just like your favorite celebrities!

These brushes have beads in them, to make these brushes bend. Yes I said it BEND! Now you are more likely thinking I’m crazy to believe that a brush that bends can work so well. I truly call these brushes my magic wand.
Forever, I checked reviews, checked to see how many people use these brushes, I even looked on YouTube to check videos to see what beauty gurus thought of these brushes. To my surprise, these brushes were underrated and not a lot talked about it. This made me tell myself it’s probably just another scheme just for business. But, it made me more curious as crazy as that sound. I took things in my own hands and I asked about the brushes myself. I was amazed at how wonderful and pleasant, I had all my questioned answered. They have great customer service! (I’m all about customer service). That convinced me to try a product that is not well heard from everyone. I jumped in and took a leap and ordered me a 6 piece purple reign brush set.

Firstly, lets admire the beauty of these brushes

Of all the brushes out there these are unique, one of a kind, and are the first only bend it technology makeup brushes. Did I mention they’re vegan and cruelty-free!! I’ve been using this every day since the day I’ve received them. I had no shedding what’s so ever, and easy to clean (mind you I clean them every day, and deep clean them once a week). They look and feel how they arrived at me from day one like new. 

  • There’s a flat foundation/contour/highlighting brush
  • Aslant power/bronze/blush brush
  • A fine tip eyeliner brush
  • Aslant eyeliner/eyebrow brush
  • A concealer/detailed eyeshadow brush
  • A fluffy eyeshadow brush

The price for a 6 piece set is $100. You might think that’s too pricey just for a 6 piece brush set. But it’s totally worth the set! And if you don’t want to go with the set you can go with buying one or two. Each individual brush ranges from $20 or $30. Think of it this way the price of the set is like other big brand name brushes out there, that have similar prices or higher than the price of these brushes. I am glad I splurged on these great quality brushes! It picks up just the right amount of product and it blends so perfectly. No more dusting off access product or worry it won’t blend right. No more guessing on how to hold a brush properly, this bends to your perfection. No wrong way in holding the brush! One brush has so many ways to use it. Ever since I started using these brushes honestly my makeup looks flawless and blends well. No more looking for the perfect makeup when you have the perfect brushes. It’s not about the makeup to get the perfect flawless look, it’s about having the right tools and using it right.
The blend it beauty brush should be in every woman’s makeup essentials! I’m no makeup pro or makeup artist, but since I’ve been using the blend it beauty brushes I’ve improved so much! Since I’ve gotten used to using these brushes religiously, I’ve never looked at another brush the same ( I have many other makeup brushes). The feel of these brushes is like no other and the bendability makes it comfortable to hold. When I reach for another brush, it doesn’t compare. Everyone needs to get on the boat with this amazing high-quality makeup brush!  


Here’s the link to their website:http://www.blenditbeautybrush.com go check them out Follow them on Instagram: http://instagram.com/blenditbeautybrushes

Until next time,


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