Crystal for the armpit was my armpit happy?!

Hey beauties, let’s start off by saying, who would have known a mineral stone would actually work as a healthy natural deodorant. I had mixed emotions on picking this up because of what people are saying about mineral stones. But after some research and talking to a few people on this topic, I decided to take the plunge and see how my armpits would react.
I tried my fair share of natural deodorant, and for the most part, it was a good experience. Let’s get something straight out there, I’ve never heard of a mineral stone for the purpose of deodorant. When shopping for natural deodorant I always came across “crystal body deodorant stick”. To be honest it never struck me to pick it up as a natural deodorant, or maybe because I was doubting it actually working.

A little history on how this crystal deodorant was discovered:

While traveling in France in 1984, Jerry Rosenblatt, Founder, and CEO of Crystal were introduced to a manufactured product made of mineral salts, which purifies water. That same product, he later discovered, also worked as a natural yet powerful hypoallergenic deodorant. Jerry began importing the deodorant mineral salt and assembled a small team of friends to shape, mold, smooth, and package each stone by hand. No two rocks were the same; each measuring anywhere between eight to ten inches in diameter and weighing between six to nine ounces. Jerry named the product Le Crystal Naturel.

This is surely a controversy topic, especially to the natural green community. As a green lover myself, I was hesitant for a while to the point of not bothering trying it out. But, you see beauties one thing I can’t hesitate enough is always do your research! Never take one’s word, always listen to other opinions, and do your own research. Just because it says “natural” doesn’t always really mean natural. I decided after much back and forth on this topic, I jumped on to doing my own research.

What I found on my journey to figuring out what this mineral salt of deodorant is all about: Crystal is free of aluminum chloride and aluminum chlorohydrate—synthetic chemicals, paraben, perfumes, or phthalates—its key ingredient does contain naturally-occurring aluminum that could likely penetrate the skin when mixed with water. No studies have directly proven the trace in its organic state to be harmful. Crystal deodorants have a hazard rating of 1 on the Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, which I might add I’m constantly checking on my phone whenever I’m out buying a product. So you be the judge on this type of deodorant. I, on the other hand, started using this and never looked back.

One very important tip before I begin my review is-You need to swipe it onto clean, wet armpits immediately after showering, or it won’t work! If you do it correctly, it will keep you stink-free for 24 hours.

When I first opened up the package it was a big mineral salt that resembles a crystal (not really a crystal). My first initial thought was it’s going to be rough, and abrasive. It is a hard stone, so please don’t do what I did by applying it under the pit dry-ouch! I went on YouTube to see how this is applied, which every video I saw they applied it wet under the armpits. But what people forget to tell their audience is to apply it right after a shower wet under the armpits. My first try was a big fail, I applied it in the afternoon by wetting the top of the stone-mind you I wet it a lot, which is another wrong way to do. I then went on by rubbing it under my armpits, took forever to dry, can I just say how much it hurt, and let alone it made my armpits stink more than usual. If I was one who went on first impressions, I would have given up right then and there and given a bad review on it. But, I always said I don’t go on first impressions and always try to use a product more. The second try wasn’t a success either, this time after I took a shower (which I shower daily, not to have anyone think I don’t), dried my armpits and wet the top not knowing to make sure that the last time I used it wrong it had a stank to it-which I didn’t think to smell the deodorant after. I applied it under my pits and it still didn’t go on as smooth, nor did it take away the smell. Yes, I did get frustrated at that point but, it didn’t make me give up. I told myself thirds a charm, and if it wasn’t I’d give up on this deodorant. This time around i knew I had to make it work since so many people raved about this type of deodorant. first thing I did and I always do until this day is to make sure the deodorant stick is clean of odors. After I get out the shower still wet I dampen the top of the stone just a tiny bit and rub under my armpits until dry. Beauties let me tell you the third try really was a charm! I smelled under my armpits right after like I usually do with any deodorant I use and I was smelling naturally fresh. I went on my day like usual running errands, taking care of the kids, I still didn’t stink at all. At the end of the night, I was still smelling fresh! It really does work by stopping the odors of when you sweat. It does not stop you from sweating, but it protects you from smelling. Another big thing I discovered was the next day my armpits didn’t smell. A big plus to this is you can use it anywhere on your body for odor protection. Since having success on my third try, I’ve been using it since. A few great things about this deodorant is no residue, no staining, no white marks, and with daily use, it can last to over a year! Also, add in the fact that its price won’t kill your budget.

In order to become a natural deodorant user, you have to go through a deodorant detox

If you’re looking for a natural option this is something to look into. Have you ladies tried crystal deodorant or any other brand of mineral salt like deodorant?

Until next time,


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