Protecting the eyes while being fashionable-PROSPEK BLUE LIGHT GLASSES Review

Disclaimer: I received these glasses complimentary, this is my honest opinion. No one or brand influenced my opinion on them. Hey, beauties, super excited for this review, its been a long time coming. I've been meaning to review this for so long but with so much that has happened in my life, it was just [...]

Physician’s Formula, Insta Ready Setting Spray-Set it and forget it

Hey beauties, One thing I'd use over primer is setting sprays. In my experience setting sprays works better than a primer for my oily face. Nowadays setting sprays are all the rage, and I've tried my fair share of setting sprays. I know what works and what doesn't on my oily skin, and this is [...]

Crown Brush- 6pc HD Set w/ Mixing Plate & Spatula(was it worth it or did I waste my money?)

Hey beauties, truth be told I use to be that girl with so many brushes, from so many brands that I hardly used half of them. The wasteful makeup hoarder in me used to think the more brushes I have the less I have to clean. Well, it was the opposite I had way more [...]