A secret little gem-Bestope Brushes

Hey beauties, brushes are a must in a makeup lovers arsenal. Whether you’re a professional or just getting started with makeup, brushes are something that you need to have on hand when you’re applying beauty products. If you’ve been searching for good quality, inexpensive brushes, then you’ve more than your more than likely stumbled across the name BESTOPE that it’s making headlines all over social media. If not, are you living under a rock?! If that’s the case don’t worry, you’re about to be let in on one of beauty’s biggest secrets. These are considered professional grade brushes without breaking the bank!

I wasn’t expecting much to be honest. I was very hesitant when this arrived. I thought to myself they look pretty, but I bet they don’t perform as well. Was I wrong! 

The most popular line of BESTOPE brush set are the 8 piece set from Amazon ($8.99) which includes, four synthetic fiber face brushes and four synthetic fiber eye brushes. The face brushes that are included are a flat kabuki, round kabuki, angled kabuki, and lastly a tapered kabuki. The eye brushes that are included is a flat, round, angled, and tapered brush. The brushes were covered with a protective plastic, and were in a really cute pouch, great to travel with. These brushes are made with synthetic bristles that are dense, soft against your skin and apply just the right amount of color. They have sturdy, durable handles, making them very easy to use. The downside of these brushes would be that there is a faint chemical/paint smell when you receive these brushes- which many have complained of. I immediately did a deep cleaning of the brushes. I wanted to put these brushes to the shed test, and to my surprise they passed! They were easy to clean and dry. The smell disappeared right after washing. 

These brushes have been referred to as Sigma dupes, and while I have no experience/knowledge with Sigma brushes- I cannot exactly backup that comparison. What I can compare them to is the elf studio line brushes, or the real technique brushes. 

I may not be a makeup artist, but I know good brushes when I see them, and these are it! Remember, makeup brushes are available at all price points, from affordable synthetic brushes to more expensive natural brushes. When it came to Bestope brushes it was a no brainer, you can stock up with these brushes regardless of what kind of budget you have. I highly recommend these make up brushes!

Now ladies tell me would you purchase this set? And if you have makeup brushes from Bestope what are your thoughts? I’d like to here from you! 

Until next time, 


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